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A high-speed internet connection is necessary to download your ebook purchase. Smart phone and tablet users: We recommend you download the ebook file to a desktop computer, then transfer the file to your device.

When you purchase an ebook from C&T Publishing, you are purchasing an electronic version of a book, project, or pattern in the form of a PDF that you can view on your computer or device using Adobe Reader. Adobe Reader is a free application that can be downloaded via the Adobe web site - visit adobe.com/products/reader for details.

The pdf you receive will be watermarked in the margin with your customer name. You may download the file a maximum of 3 times for your individual use only. Sharing and/or distribution of the file - whether for profit or not - is strictly prohibited.

Once you complete your purchase, you can instantly download the ebook right from your order confirmation page. In addition, you will receive a receipt via email from ctinfo@ctpub.com that includes a link to download the ebook to your computer.

A ZIP file—a file with ".zip" as the file name extension—is one that has compressed or "zipped" documents inside. To utilize a ZIP file, you'll need to (A) download the file onto your computer and then (B) uncompress or "unzip" the file to access the documents inside.

Due to the extremely large file size, a high-speed internet connection is necessary to download the ZIP files on this site. ZIP files may take in excess of 15 minutes to download.