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Permission Requests

Permission Requests

• Media Permission Requests

(See below for show, contest, shop, and/or guild permission request instructions.)

Please include the following information in your request:
  1. Product Images/text you are requesting
  2. Name of Media where images will be used
  3. Date needed by
  4. Your Name and Organization
  5. Your email and website

Contact Megan Scott at: megans at ctpub dot com (media requests ONLY at this address)

Guidelines for Use:

Permission will be given for one time use in the stated medium. Full credit must be given to the source of the original material. Further use of this image will require a new permission request.


• Individual, Guild, and Shop Permission Requests

Designs in our publications may only be used to make items for individual personal use or to give as gifts, and may not be used to make items for sale or profit.

Exception - Items sold to benefit a non-profit entity or charity: appropriate credit must be included on a label attached to the finished piece, and on any related promotional material. Example: Design by {author or designer name} from the book {title of book} from C&T Publishing.

Contest and show submissions:
If you would like to enter into a contest or show an item made from or based on patterns/designs in our publications, you must include appropriate credit to the design source on a label attached to the work, and on any related submission paperwork. Example: Design by {author or designer name} from the book {title of book} from C&T Publishing. Written permission from the publisher is not necessary.

Permission to reproduce patterns and/or other materials:
Must be requested in writing by emailing Adrianne Shroyer, Permissions Manager, at adriannes at ctpub dot com, with the following information:

  1. Name of publication.
  2. Specific page number(s) where content or pattern(s) are located, or quilt/design name(s).
  3. Number of copies you wish to reproduce (if applicable).
  4. Purpose (why you want to reproduce the material).
  5. Your Name and Organization or Shop name (if applicable).
  6. Contact information.