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New Release Program Customization

New Release Program Customization

Our online auto-ship customization form is hosted by the SurveyMonkey service.
     · Click here to customize August 2014 (closes August 7th).

You can also customize by emailing your monthly selections and quantities to us at ctinfo at ctpub dot com. Please be sure to include your company name and account number so we can apply the changes to the proper account. Please visit the monthly selections page to view the products slotted for the upcoming shipment.

If you do not wish to receive an item, please note this with a zero quantity, otherwise we will assume you wish to receive the default amount. Also, let us know if you would like to be emailed the free project.

You may also send us your selections via phone or fax:
(800) 284-1114 toll-free in U.S. · (925) 677-0377 International · Fax (925) 677-0373