Stash-Busting Necktie Quilts

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Christine Copenhaver wants to surprise you.

That’s one of the reasons she wrote Necktie Quilts Reinvented. The projects in this book play with our preconceptions of the traditional necktie quilt. Christine offers fresh new ideas to help you make beautiful, inventive quilts from your own tie stash!

Don’t have a tie stash? Just wait. You’ll want one!

Christine has conceived a helpful method of using fusible interfacing when working with silk ties. Throughout the book, she offers many tips about how to design and work with neckties. She has a wide knowledge of the history of ties and provides great background details!

How about using silk ties to reimagine the Log Cabin quilt?

Or you can honor a loved one with a memory quilt like this one:

Here’s a fun story Christine shared about striped ties: British tie stripes run from upper left to lower right. When striped ties came to the United States, the stripes were run from upper right to lower left. Don’t ever ask Americans to blend in with Brits! (And vice versa, I’m sure.)

Christine offers patterns for blocks that can be used in quilts, wallhangings, table runners, pillows, and more. She also gives some sage advice about how to ensure you’re buying high-quality ties from thrift stores.

Why not use ties for quilts? They’re easy to find and collect, and they have a beautiful sheen to them that will make your quilts stand out!

Do you have a growing tie collection that’s spiraling out of control? Maybe you’re saving your ties for something, but you’re not sure what. Pick your favorites and get sewing! 

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