Free Project: Wistful Afternoon Shawl Using TAP

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This shawl carries a dreamy, romantic sentiment, making it the perfect accessory for an afternoon wedding or a cool night on the town. Creative Troupe member Lynn Corona used TAP™ Transfer Artist Paper to embellish her shawl with sweet vintage-inspired imagery, and employed her creativity to add the choicest flair in all the right places. The final result is ultra-feminine and very pretty.

Wistful Afternoon Shawl

Designed by Lynn Corona


  • TAP™ Transfer Artist PaperTAP Transfer Artist Paper
  • Image (this image was color washed and texturized with brushstrokes in Photoshop)
  • Shawl or large scarf (light color recommended) that is made of heat tolerant fabric
  • 3/4″ sheer organza ribbon in gold metallic
  • pearls and/or sequins
  • Fabric glue (designer used Aleenes’s Fabric Fusion Glue)
  • Soft fabric paint in pearl rose and olive green (designer used Duncan’s)
  • Small cosmetic sponges
  • Fine tip scissors


  1. Wash shawl or scarf to remove sizing, dry and iron flat.
  2. Inkjet print image on the TAP™ Transfer Artist Paper per manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Trim away edges, and any extra white background up to the edge of the image. Cut away any straight edges to soften the image.
  4. Locate the center of the shawl and the area where you desire to place the design and iron the design in place (see manufacturer’s instructions).
  5. Using the cosmetic sponges, dip into paint and apply, highlighting the edges of the picture and shawl. Allow to set.
  6. Accent the picture with sequins and pearls as desired using fabric glue. Allow to set.
  7. Cut approximately 10 qty 10″ strips of the 3/4″ organza ribbon. Make each strip into a small bow.
  8. Using fabric glue, evenly space half of the fabric bows along the two bottom edges of the shawl.
  9. Using fabric glue, add sequins or other embellishments between each bow.

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