Favorite Fabric Bowls, Boxes & Vases

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One of my favorite things about Favorite Fabric Bowls, Boxes, and Vases is the way you get so much variety from just one pattern. Take the Fluted Bowl, for example.

With a change in fabrics it becomes this...

Using a square base it becomes this...

And with changes to the darts and some decorative appliqué it becomes this!

Or what about the To-Go Box? Take your lunch to work with it when it's made in graphic, modern fabrics...

Or, with some embellishment, use it to store treasures...

 A lower, wider version with handles is perfect for lunch plus snacks...

And this bandana version folds out to be a place mat for impromptu picnics!

The options are as endless as your imagination! How would you adapt one of these projects for your own style?

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